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1up & Coin Sound Theme - Pro

0.99 usd

Every 8-bit gamer's dream... Get a coin every incoming text or picture message. Every 100 text messages earns you a 1up!As an added bonus, you start out with 99 coins.
Updates will be released regularly to address any and all issues.
Features include:- Coin Sound Every 100 Messages- 1up Sound Every 100 Messages- Coin count widget- 1up count widget- Count SMS Toggle- Count MMS Toggle- 1up & Coin playback volume- Remove free banner on icon- Custom 1up Interval (1up every X messages)- Custom 1up Sound (any audio file on your device)- Custom 1up Delay (in case your device has a longer delay for notifications)- Reset Settings (clear all user data)- Reset Sound (revert to default sound)- Fudge Numbers (change coin and life count whenever)
Legal notice:Super Mario and its likeness is copyright of Nintendo.Font: Super Mario 256 by fsuarez913Sounds: themushroomkingdom.comFor entertainment purposes only.

keywords: nes, retro, text message, notifications, sound theme, super, mario, 8-bit, nintendo